Welcome to Kennel Süzi-Dog's homepage

Süzi-Dog's started it's breeding with a Beraded collie litter in 1998.
After that litter we have bred the rougharied dutch shepherddog only.
At these pages we want to give you a wide impression of the breed as possible.

We have chose to show a lot of photograps and would like to tell you about the Dutchie's
Also on these pages you will find all our own dogs, information about our litters,
the imports and our outplaced dogs.

At the healtpages we have gathered many important results concerning health and also some about
different deseaces. You will also find hips and elbowresults from Holland, Sweden and Finland.
We are having a good cooperation with breeders in Holland, Sweden and Finland and in this co-work
we are improving our bloodlines and our knowledge about the breed.
This co-operation and trust is very much appriciated by me.

We will keep our pages as updated as possible.
I hope you will find your stay at our homepage interesting, i would dearly see your comments
about the pages and even your pawprints in my guestbook.